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Choosing the Right Sports Equipment

Performance and efficiency are two of the many major parameters any experienced sports trainer or businessman would see as the measurable outputs of any sportsperson in a game. Although most of the output depends on the player’s skill, stamina, and no small amount of panache, sports equipment, fabrics and other gears are increasingly becoming paramount,

Turf in the Field of Sports

It is universally known that football is bad for the health of your back and joints.  Health professionals, like those at Green Oaks Spine and Sport, emphasize that while repeated high impact hits can account for much of the pain; it is not the only factor to take into consideration.  Technological advances in padding and

Protect yourself by wearing Sports Helmets – Do not risk your safety!

Injuries in sports became a common scenario for the sportsperson. They are the major cause of sportsperson discontinuing the sports at a very a young age or not playing on the day of the match. According to research, many injuries in sports mostly occur during the time of practice and 9.1% of all the spinal

Grandstand System | Sports Ground Equipments

Pakar Seating’s is internationally prominent for its Permanent and Temporary Grandstand System. The PAKAR Grandstand is extremely flexible in matters related to function. Therefore, it can be installed either as a permanent or removable grandstand. It can be moved and set-up again in any place effortlessly and quickly. The system of frames is pre-assembled with an interlocking

Artificial Turf of Desso Sports System in Sports Field

Desso Sports Systems’s designs and develops long-term artificial turf playing surfaces for multiple sports. The company has its own internal high-tech Research & Development (R&D) for tailor-made products The artificial turf grass pitch can be used 24 hours a day. 7 days a week despite of any season. A single artificial turf system is equal

Synthetic Grass All-Weather Cricket Pitch

Maverick Turf Corporation LLP’s is the manufacturer of Maverick Turf Cricket Pitch. It is the exclusive manufacturer of Artificial Grass and Artificial Grass sports turf in India. Maverick Turf Cricket Pitch is made up from Synthetic Grass. It is a tough pitch which needs less maintenance. It is set-up on a hard concrete surface and

Smart Helmets May Become a Standard in Professional Football

Professional football has one of the higher risks of injury then other sports. Because the sport involves running, catching, pushing, tackling, and such the potential injuries can range from a twisted ankle to major brain injuries. It is the latter that has become more dominant in the sport. Concussions and head traumas in football have

Arena Group Presents Arena Structure

Arena Group’s range varies from seating to structures to well dressed tables. Arena Structures  which are a part of Arena Group offers temporary event structures and semi-permanent venues to various sectors. They’re designed in a way for safety and flexibility to for distinct event environments for conference and exhibition venues, to corporate product launches, sports,

Know about Colourful EPDM Mulch

Melos GmbH’s is an international manufacturer of coloured EPDM Mulch. EPDM Mulch is the original, exclusive component used for making of recreational surfaces, fall protection surfaces and walkways. It is a water-permeable surface which is a hygienic and economic substitute to organic mulches. EPDM Mulch surface is barrier-free and safe while playing. It is made

Technological Advances in Baseball

A bat and ball game that acquired an indelible special place in the Americans’ hearts, Baseball is an entertainment packed game that has been shaping up itself towards the perfectness with the use of technological advancements and researches. Today, it has evolved as a game that incorporated technology which holds a key in engaging fans