Artificial Turf of Desso Sports System in Sports Field

Desso Sports Systems’s designs and develops long-term artificial turf playing surfaces for multiple sports. The company has its own internal high-tech Research & Development (R&D) for tailor-made products

The artificial turf grass pitch can be used 24 hours a day. 7 days a week despite of any season. A single artificial turf system is equal to the capacity of 5 natural grass pitches.

It has a constant Desso playing quality which is guaranteed for all budgets. It is perfect for municipalities, universities and schools.

Artificial Turf

There are available in diverse colours giving a feel and look of natural look.  It has an optional shock absorption and water-retaining fibre technology.

It is maintenance friendly, saves a lot of space and budget. It is very environmentally friendly, so there is no water wastage and requires no CO2 emissions.

It is a patented grass system which guarantees top performance which was developed for intensive use.



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