Know about Colourful EPDM Mulch

Melos GmbH’s is an international manufacturer of coloured EPDM Mulch.

EPDM Mulch is the original, exclusive component used for making of recreational surfaces, fall protection surfaces and walkways. It is a water-permeable surface which is a hygienic and economic substitute to organic mulches.

EPDM MelosEPDM Mulch surface is barrier-free and safe while playing. It is made of great quality and virgin raw materials and even entirely dyed through. The colour of EPDM Mulch is long-term and. available in five colours and three different blends can be blended.

The EPDM Mulch has numerous advantages. Such as:

  • It is safe and reasonable in price.
  • It gives a look that of natural colour & is 100% dyed.
  • EPDM Mulch is very healthy for usage and environmental-friendly,
  • The material lasts longer and has resistance to UV light.
  • It can easily be used even when after a tough handling.
  • It is available in five colours for creative alternative designs.
  • The material properties of Mulch EPDM can be dependable for a longer period of time.
  • It is apt for barrier free floorings which are helpful for prams and wheelchairs.

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