Synthetic Turf of Aar Ess Floor Zone Pvt.Ltd.

Aar Ess Floor Zone Pvt. Ltd’s is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company which has outstanding growth since its inception in the year 1988.

In the Go Sportz, the company offers synthetic turfs for a variety of sports applications like Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Tennis & multi sport areas.

It has exclusively developed for top-class performances and meets the most rigorous criteria and highest standards needed for the sport.

Synthetic Grass of Aar Ess Floor Zone Pvt.Ltd.

It provides players optimum playing comfort and maximum safety. Additionally, maintenance costs are less and artificial or synthetic turf offers a great durability.

Club officials & associations have the guarantee that the field is tested and even approved. Depending on the usage, Go sportz offers a wide range of turf types with changing thickness & densities.

Along with the turf for the main playing area, Go Sportz even offers a variety of turfs for the periphery areas. They can be “non-infill” and thus save on installation & regular maintenance costs.

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