Technologies Transforming Sports

The one big word which changes, has been changing and will continue to change lives of many in this big world is Technology. The change can either be good or bad and this obviously depends upon how we utilize it in our day-to-day lives.

And this has been pre-dominantly used in the sports industry. Not only for broadcasting of the sports but also by sportsperson lately. There are a variety of techs which are transforming the business. Some of them include:

  1. Wearable
  2. Ingestible Computers
  3. Robots
  4. Reactive Materials
  5. Digital Imaging and Video
  1. Wearable:

Wear me and be aware of your health!!!

Wearable computers even as body-borne computers or just simply wearables are small electronic devices which are worn on the body. The wearable technologies are usually for specific purposes.

The sportsperson can easily know his health condition by having a look at the wearable. For example: Polar heart rate monitors during conditioning sessions and circuit weight training are to monitor response to the training load.

  1. Ingestible Computers:

Ingest me and be stress free!!!

Ingestible means to take in to the body and ingestible computers are tiny pill-sized devices. Sportsperson on the track and field, football, auto racing, cycling and hockey often use ingestible computer technology.

For example: e-Celsius Performance, an ingestible pill continuously monitors the sportsperson core temperature, helping to optimize the performance.

  1. Robots:

Robots have even entered sports!!!

Yes, you read it right. Robot technology is now even used in the sports industry. Robots can perform sports applications and even help coaches during training camps as they’re able to operate with a high amount of alertness and accuracy.

And the alertness and preciseness are helpful for human competitors who want to improve their game. For example: Chinese students have designed a robot which can actively engage in a game like badminton.

  1. Reactive Materials:

Use Reactive Materials and be active!!!

Reactive Materials are gaining a lot of prominence in the sports. High-speed sports are very risky and athletes are in scenarios which can cause them harm. And protective clothing protects them which are either too restrictive or bulk.

For example, with U.K.-based d30 and Dow Corning’s Active Protection System, athletes can wear clothing which is pliable and move along with the body and upon effects hardens forthwith to protect athletes.

  1. Digital Imaging and Video:

Use Digitalisation and make the impossible possible!!!

This year Olympics had renowned, fastest human Usain Bolt being photographed facing the camera and smiling while he was running. As a matter of fact, everyone knows how fast he runs. So, how is it possible that the photographer had photographed him in just matter of seconds?

It’s all possible because of Cameron Spencer. He had to drop the shutter speed to around 1/40th of a second at a focal length of 135mm and pan the camera right to left in perfect unison with Usain.

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