Benefits of Flooring in Sports Venue

Flooring is an important aspect in both indoor and outdoor sports infrastructure. It is helpful to the sportsperson, venue and even to the audience.

Some of the benefits of it are as follows:

  1. Safety:

News: In June 2016, a middle school basketball player suffered a bizarre injury during a weekend tournament in Wisconsin because of broken flooring.

  • Kinds of flooring and applications:

Flooring helps in avoiding injuries as much as possible and the various type of flooring help sportsperson in distinctive ways.

A plastic tile of flooring helps in transferring the force back to limbs and joints as the sportsperson keeps moving. While a flooring of recycled rubber has high resilience and shock absorption qualities.

Good flooring helps the differently-able people as well. The wheel chairs can easily be used and rolling equipments can be easily driven on it. In this way, flooring plays the role in safety of a sportsperson life.

  1. Performance:

Giving good performance is a very important aspect in a sportsperson life.

In many sports, the degree of friction between the player’s shoes and the surface should be high enough in order to avoid slipping.

Basketball: Basketball is a game which has a lot of stops, accelerations, cuts, starts. For easy playing of outdoor basketball, good concrete flooring is required particularly.

While a recycled rubber flooring can be very helpful for quicker acceleration, excellent shock absorption, improved traction and even helps athletes play sans the fear of injury.

Some concrete and many novel synthetic surfaces offer a proper basketball bounce. Wood flooring even offers uniform playing surface for sportsperson.

  1. Maintenance:

A good physique is a must for every sportsperson. For maintaining it (good physique), an apt gym with professional standards is a mandatory.

  • Types of flooring and applications:

Recycled rubber flooring in gym can easily survive the effect of dropped weights and intense workouts. By having a high quality and easy to maintain floor, the gym is perfect for sportsperson and athletes.

Workout intensity is also one more important factor for individual improvement and a recycled rubber floor provides optimal surface for the powerful workouts.


  1. By Marissa Mayer


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