Contemporary Trends in the Stadium Seating and Designing

Seating or stadium seating is an important aspect in the sports. They’ve come a long way in terms of design, arrangement, etc. There are different kinds of stadium seating depending on the kind of sports.

Like others, these (stadium seating) too have undergone a lot of changes since their evolution and now it has even got few trends.  Some of the trends in the stadium seating design include:

  1. Fan experience:

At the end of the day, what matters is the experience of the fans. It is very vital that they are very comfortable and at ease while watching the sports.  Various innovations are being done in the seating for a better show.

Multiple screens are being set-up around the stadium for having a better viewing of the sports, having flexible seating, providing free Wi-Fi, etc. The reason for the stress on the fan experience is because of the electronics available at home, game-viewing has completely changed.

Few innovations are being done in the parking area as well. “Uber Stations” are available where drivers drop their passengers prior to the event and then pick them afterwards.

  1. Security:

Security is another important element taken into consideration in the stadium designing. Locker rooms and entryways are a few areas where security is a must requirement. Locker rooms are more prone to thefts because of no cameras.

So now cameras are being installed everywhere in the stadium. Not only to safeguard the belongings in the locker rooms, but for the security of the both fans and sportsperson.  Some of the ways for security are members having to scan their membership cards before entering, have guards around the area, attendants exchanging cards for keys to their locker, etc.

  1. Resources for differently-abled people:

Gone are the days when disabled people would be sitting along with everyone for watching the sports. Special resources are being provided to them to watch the sports with their ease. They are now-a-days opening up and seen as sports persons as well.

There are sports being organized for them and one among is Paralympics. The Paralympics which are held parallel to the Olympics and is solely dedicated for them and the 2016 Paralympics event was a major success.

  1. Lighting:

According to Mike Lorenz of Eaton’s Ephesus Sports Lighting in Syracuse of NY lighting is an area which can boost fan experience and as well as help in saving money.  LED lights are being used in the sports as they produce more light by using less energy.

Different sports associations such as; National Basketball Association (NBA) prefer warmer light with a color temperature of around 4,200K whereas, National Hockey League (NHL) uses cooler light with a color temperature of around 5,600K. College football stadiums may use warmer light for graduation ceremonies than the light in general utilized for games.

With the help of lighting, viewers can even understand the sportsperson facial expressions as well. By knowing and understanding the facial expressions, fans tend to feel much closer to the game and that’s the magic of lighting in the sports arena.

So, these are a few contemporary trends in the Stadium Seating & Designing.



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