4 Secrets to Plan a Successful Sporting Event

Sporting events are an excellent way of promoting some friendly competition. There is an increasing number of businesses making use of sporting events in order to encourage team building within the business and to promote links with other businesses in the same field. Whatever your motivation for planning a sporting event, here are some top tips for making sure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

Don’t Cut the Game Short

It doesn’t matter what the exact sport or games on offer at your event are, you want to make sure that those who participate in them get the full experience and an extensive workout. It is understandable to want to get as many matches in as possible, but if you are regularly rotating players out of the games they’re playing, then participants won’t even break a sweat!

Make sure that the activities available for people to take part in all offer a reasonable length of participation. This is especially important if you are charging money for entry or participation, as you want to ensure that everyone feels that they are getting good value for money.


Make sure that you have all the necessary facilities available at your sporting event. In particular, you will need to hire some portable restrooms. On-Site Companies can help to satisfy all of your portable restroom needs.

Liability Waiver

Whenever people are playing sport, there is the potential for injury, and sporting injuries can, in fact, be quite severe. Whenever you are planning an event you need to take health and safety into consideration as either you or the business you represent will ultimately be held liable if someone is hurt. For this reason, it is important that for sports events, where there is a higher than usual chance of injury occurring, participants sign a declaration beforehand which waives liability for any injuries they sustain.

Even with the liability waiver in place, you also need to ensure that there are trained medical personnel present at the event who can help in the event that someone is injured. You should be prepared with numerous first aid kits to deal with minor injuries. If at all possible, you should have at least one person who can help in the event of a more serious injury such as a broken bone.

Trophies and Medals

A great way of adding something fun to the competitive element, while also giving participants a memento of the day, is to offer trophies or medals to the individuals or teams whose performance particularly stands out. If you decide to introduce some form of a prize, then it is usually a good idea to also give medals out for participation. This will help to make everyone feel included and will avoid sending the majority of participants away with nothing.

If you are preparing a sporting event for children, then it is essential that you only give out awards if you will give them to everyone. It is ok to give some of the children extra recognition, but you also need to ensure that everyone is rewarded for taking part.

A sporting event is an excellent opportunity for team building. It is also a really fantastic way for you and your team to unwind and take part in some friendly competition.

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