Turf Protection and Ice Conversion Covers

Sports venues are increasingly becoming modular with rising demand for safer surfaces that enhance game play.

Sports arenas nowadays are also being used as multipurpose fields either for hosting a different sport than usual or for events other than sports.

These demands can be fulfilled by specialized polymer covers that can be laid above turfs to convert it into the desired field or to protect it from damage.

This article will look at two such technologies engineers are devising to accomplish the task – Artificial Turf Protection and Ice Conversion Cover.

Artificial Turf Protection

Artificial Turf Protection mats are temporary surfaces used as event flooring. In sports venues, these are used for protecting the natural turf from environmental factors and also sporting events.

A couple of the popular brands in this product range are CovermasterĀ® and TerraCover-ICE. Turf protection systems can also be used as temporary roadways.

Many popular stadiums use turf protection mats to convert fields into exhibition grounds, roadways for trucks during mega events, concert stage, road shows, racing circuits, martial arts rings, and many others.

Turf protection mats are made of high density, impact resistant polymers that can take extremely heavy loads such as large trucks and forklifts without developing creep or crack.

Advantages of using Artificial Turf Protection

  1. Increases life span of natural turf.
  2. All-season weather protection.
  3. No additional assembly equipment is required.
  4. Can be used for all kinds of temporary flooring purposes.

Ice Conversion Covers

Made of foamed polyurethane, Ice Conversion Covers are used for converting Ice Rinks into other sports venues. Produced in the form of tiles, these covers provide insulation between the Ice Rink and the surface above to make the field playable for other games.

Wrestling, kickboxing, MMA, indoor football, and ice skating are some of the sports that use these tiles. The rinks can also be converted into venues for public events.

Advantages of using Ice Conversion Covers

  1. Insulation from a wide temperature range.
  2. High strength allows for rough use.
  3. Camlock mechanism for easy assembly and disassembly.
  4. High impact protection and shock absorption.


Besides providing the option of multi-use venues, conversion covers and turf protection mats – from a marketing standpoint – can help generate additional revenues for the stadium due to its reusability and multipurpose nature.

It is also far more economical than constructing separate venues within the stadium, as it helps cut acquisition costs.

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