4 Ways to Make Sporting Events More Enjoyable

Hosting a sporting event at a local venue can be an exciting and fun occasion, but it also comes with a few logistical challenges that need to be addressed beforehand. Planning ahead ensures that the event is well-organized and equipped to properly accommodate a capacity crowd. Of course, other than just watching the game, spectators are going to naturally find themselves looking for things to do (and eat) at some point. Fortunately, keeping everyone satisfied and comfortable throughout the event can be simple, especially if you start by heeding the following tips.

Sporting Events

1. Portable Restroom Facilities

Every sports venue should have conveniently located restrooms, but just in case you want additional convenience or you’re hosting the game somewhere where there aren’t any bathrooms nearby, you may want to consider porta-potties and other portable restroom options. Securing a portable toilet rental doesn’t cost that much and it’s well worth it when you consider how big of an impact it can have on the comfort and enjoyability of an event.

2. Concession Stands

A game without snacks is no fun at all, and you can trust and believe that people will bring their own snacks if you don’t have any for sale at the venue. In fact, organizing a concession stand can work well to bolster event revenue because people are usually willing to pay exorbitant prices for snacks and beverages as long as they don’t have to leave the game. Plus, the smell of freshly made food and the lure of ice cold drinks can be too much for people to resist on a hot day.

3. Pre-game and Halftime Shows

There’s always a period before the game when most of the attendees have already arrived but the action hasn’t started yet. You can use this time to showcase local talent or host fun group games and activities. Likewise, halftime breaks are the perfect opportunity to get some extracurricular entertainment going. You don’t necessarily have to hire a famous celebrity either, as even a few halftime games and contests can keep the audience engaged.

4. Crowd Participation

Encouraging the crowd to participate during timeouts, breaks, and other downtimes can help liven up the mood. For example, you could have a player throw or kick a ball blindly into the crowd and whoever catches it wins a prize of some sort. Letting fans take pictures with the players and setting up a photo booth is another idea to get folk involved and facilitate a fun time.

Raffles and Other Promotional Ideas

Another idea to make the event more enjoyable is by giving out raffle tickets and announcing the winner at the end of the game. This also helps to promote your event and get people interested in showing up. Not only will more people show up, they’ll also stick around through the whole event to see if they won the raffle. Of course, you can get creative with prizes and brainstorm to come up with other ways you can spread awareness about the upcoming event, including flyers, social networking groups, classified ads, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

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