Know all about seating Copacabana

STECHERT Stahlrohrmoebel GmbH’s is the manufacturer of seating called Copacabana.

It is made up of blow moulding technology at a high level which makes it soft and comfortable.  It is a combination of perfect design and anti-vandal construction. It is a very comfortable seat which is available at a reasonable price.


It has a tremendous stability and elasticity all because of the double wall present in it. It has a GS sign which fits into the FIFA standards. The color of the material is as specified by the customer.

It has excellent ergonomics, is professionally designed, and patented in matters of its mechanism. It is available in various choices like Tipup, business, VIP seat and seat shell. There is no necessity of fixed steel frames in it.

It can be folded 27cm depth, and the VIP seat is of first-class quality. The seat width is approximately and depth is around 445mm after folding. It is UV resistant with 5 years of guarantee.

The metal parts used are 4mm of laser cut, and are zinc or powder coated. The backrest height is about 550mm. It has an air cushion which makes it very thermal. The armrests present in the front, on the step or beam are optional and can be rise when vital.

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