Know about Bluecube’s Media Seating

Bluecube’s is involved in designing seating according to specificity and one such seating is for media.

BLUE-CUBE (1)The media seating are designed according the venue requirements. Based on the usage it is of various types, such as:

  • Permanent media seating are installed with a fixed number of desks that can fit in a number of available seat positions.
  • Temporary media seating as the name suggests are temporary and can be quickly and easily changed to fit in desks.
  • Flexible media seating can either be used for common seating or by the media. It is installed with a specific number of seats and writing tablet arms.

Displaying BLUE-CUBE.jpgPermanent media seating:

Each Permanent type of media seating is of 3 densities which again have its own features. They are:

(Of low density) its desk top depth is 460 mm, has an optimum modesty panel, continuous row installation, and automatic seat return.

(Of medium density): its desk top depth is 350 mm, has an optional modesty panel, and way out seat are after every 2 seat places.

(Of high density): its desk top depth is 350mm, has an optional modesty panel, and is a continuous row installation.

Temporary media seating: This type requires egress steps and can easily be changed to general admission (GA) seating

Flexible media seating: This has continuous row installation, and the seats can be used as general admission (GA) seats devoid of any re-arrangement.


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