Description of Grid type of seating|Sports Venue

Bluecube’s is involved in designing seating according to specificity and one such seating is Grid.

Grid is removable system of seating which substitutes the need for loose stacking chairs. It is manufactured from lightweight aluminium extrusions which are not susceptible to any kind of damage. The storage spillages of Grid are strong and easy to handle when using fork trucks.

grid type of seating

It is a seating system which allows variety of seat to be positioned in rows. It has a narrow envelope which gives the choice of either more seating density or wider clearways.

The seating can be brought together easily when compared to the conservative folding or stacked chairs. It is best used in the stadiums.

It is very safe to use. Once placed in a particular position, it is not possible to move the chair around. And at last the cleaning process of this chair is very trouble-free.


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