Causes of Recurring Sports Injuries by Sports Person

Sports injuries are common in any kind of sports for a sports person. In short, it is a part and parcel of every sportsperson on this planet and they can occur both on-field, off-field and future of the sportsperson is entirely decided on the intensity of the injury.

Future here refers whether he/she will be able to go forward in his career, how much time he needs for recovery, etc. Obviously, there are various causes of injuries of those regular sports injuries.

What are those causes of recurring sports injuries by sports person shall be discussed in this article? The common causes of sports injuries are as follows:

  1. Poor Training Methods:

Poor Training Methods is one of the causes of recurring sports injuries by sports person.

Dutch fitness coach Raymond Verheijen criticized Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, claiming that the German coach is doing ‘what coaches did 30 years ago’ recently in May 2016.

The Dutch coach had always been vocal against bad fitness practices in football and always goes at Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger whose injury list is longer than his actual squad.

It so happened that Klopp hired two staff members who worked at Bayern Munich prior and believes that those both are partially responsible for the poor injury record at Bayern.

Therefore, one can understand the importance of good training method among the sports person all the time.

  1. Postures | Twists/Turns:

Postures are important in anybody’s life and for sportsperson it is very much imperative. Because if healthy and correct postures are maintained, there can be sprains in the various parts of the body. It can be of the leg, in the neck, lower back, etc.

Obviously, because of the sprain, they’ll not be able play the sport and represent the nation, state, etc. If ignored for a long time, it can cause serious harm and their career can take a back seat sometimes as Sterling Sharpe.

In a game against the Atlanta Falcons, Sharpe suffered damaged vertebrae. He already had previous neck injuries and conditions and the doctors told him it would be best if he stopped playing as soon as possible. But the game against Falcons was the last game of his life.

  1. Shoes:

Shoes are also one of the causes of recurring sports injuries by sports person.

The type of footwear one chooses can also make a huge difference when it comes to preventing injuries. Shoes not only protect the feet but also the lower back, knees and ankles too. The whole body is affected by the impact of shoes especially a runner.

For the same reason, it’s essential to always wear correct fitting shoes and as well as shoes meant for the activity they were intended. Today, we can even find athletic shoes made for basketball, tennis, soccer, running etc.

In fact, replacing your shoes on a regular basis is a good idea for any active individual.

*Common Tips for Prevention of Sports Injuries:

  • One should not bend ones knees more than half way when doing knee bends.
  • Avoid twisting knees when stretching, in fact keep feet as flat as possible.
  • While jumping, one should land with knees bent.
  • Do warm up exercises before playing any sport.
  • For all times, stretch is a must prior to any play or exercise and one should not overdo it.
  • Cool down after hard sports or workouts and run on flat surfaces.
  • Wear shoes that fit in accurately, are stable, and absorb shock.

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