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Technology Brings Fans to the Game

The sports industry benefits from the most passionate fans and followers in the world—a breed so loyal to their favorite team they’ll wear its colors proudly, name their first-born after its legendary stars, and make hard-hitting sacrifices to support that team. When it comes to sports, good technology helps keep fans in their seats. With

SPORTS VENUES: Avenues of Revenue

Sport is gaining in prominence at the confluence of media and entertainment as sports stars morph into media icons. With increasing spectator interest, tournaments, competitions, and other mega sports events are being held across the world.. Given this scenario, there is a growing need for developing sports venues which not only offer an array of

Technology in Stadium Seating & Ticketing

Historically stadia use to sell tickets and leave it to audience about where they want to sit, irrespective of the stadium occupancy. Now, it is evident that seating format is equally one of the focus areas in the trends & developments we have seen in stadia industry. While there is also a change in sitting

Tensegrity and the Transformable Stadia Roof Structures

Newton’s Laws deals with tension. In tension equal and opposite forces acting on a rigid body may act to compress the body or to stretch it. So, the bodies are then said to be under compression or under tension. Materials like strings, chains, and cables are rigid under tension but may collapse under compression. While,

Personal Mobility Vehicles for Sport Venues

In venues technology has widened its wings, as well the occupancy has increased beyond expectations and the result is the very large venues in space / area. However, venue management thrives for successful venue operations management. This success replicates the success and specialty of venues other equipment, arrangements and the event as a whole. In

Smartphone Technology in Enhancing Sports Venues Services

It’s the age of mobile phones and Smartphone era has started. A wide range of changes has taken place in mobile phone purpose, networks, availability of networks and the network requirements. Hence, the phone carriers are also playing a key role in adding on to the smartphone technology. This has come into existence with the

Innovative Seating Design and Technology for Stadia and Venues

Spectators seating arrangement is always a key area of focus in stadia and venues structures, as their level of experience only fulfills the purpose of event or sport. Historically, different forms of materials were used in various structures and forms for these seating. Like cement structures as steps, wooden chairs or benches etc. The stadia

Time Keeping Technology in the Modern Sports Era

It was individual time keepers, who were important and key role players in timekeeping of sports and games. Hence high frequency technology with chips fastened to running shoes and mats contained magnetic loops were typically used for timekeeping. Due to the read distance limit of 300mm and slow response, these systems are mainly used for

Business From Sports Events

World Cup, Olympics or Commonwealth Games, other global sport events affect and effect the nation’s economical, infrastructural, etc, aspects where they are conducted. Nations bid to bring these big sport events to conduct in their countries. Within the country, its major cities bid to conduct at their locations. This is not only for entertainment and

Sports Stadium Padding

During 1940’s stadium wall pads were introduced and even today the same concept is being followed for handling high impacts between a player and the stadium wall. The stadium wall pads have virtually stayed the same for over 25 years, but today the player’s strength, speed, athleticism and compensation has entered into a new era,