Catching Waves With Your Smartphone: Android Apps for Modern Surfers

The estimated number of yearly surfers in the US alone is over 1,700,000, and statistics show there to be a huge 23 million surfers worldwide. Surfing is clearly a hugely popular niche sport that’s gaining more and more attention as the years go by. Requiring lots of skill and exactly the right weather conditions to be done properly, surfing is more than just hopping on a board and ‘hoping to catch a wave’.

In fact, due to the increased popularity of surfing, there are now a plethora of Android apps available that improve the surfing experience and make finding that wave a whole lot easier. So, if you’re new to the surfing scene or a seasoned pro who wants to enhance their skills, below you’ll find the hottest apps that are definitely worth checking out.

Surfing Lessons

Perfect for beginners, Surfing Lessons does exactly what its name would suggest. Offering useful tips and tricks for surfers of all levels (making it appropriate for the more advanced surfer too!), Surfing Lessons accompanies its teachings with images and FAQ’s you can refer to.

Simple to use and extremely user-friendly, Surfing Lessons is a great app to start with.

Surfline Surf Reports & Forecast

As weather conditions are so vital to how successful your surfing session will be, an app like Surfline Surf reports & Forecast will become your new best friend. Offering wave heights and durations for your chosen surf spot, as well as wind direction and speed, this app allows you to investigate the tides and see if the waves are worth it for that particular day. Also offering live-streamed footage of particular areas, you can see first-hand what conditions are like before making your final decision about whether to surf or not.

Better still, if you combine this app with Weather Live Free available now on Google Play, you’ll be kept updated with accurate weather conditions all around the world in real-time, giving you a thoroughly-detailed forecast to help you decide whether conditions are right to head out and surf the day away.

World Surf League

Perhaps one for the more advanced surfer keen on the professional side of surfing, World Surf League has everything you need to receive live updates of all World Surf League Events. If you turn on this app’s notifications, you’ll never miss a thing and will always have access to the top surfing news at the simple click of a button.

The Android app developers have certainly taken note of how popular surfing has become, and have spared no expense developing a variety of world-class apps that are certain to enhance your entire surfing experience. Whether you’ve got your eye on becoming a highly-advanced, professional surfer, or simply a beginner wanting to learn some key tips on how and where to get started, the above apps provide everything from lessons to forecasting to surf news, meaning you’ll have everything you need to catch those waves – all from your smartphone!

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